Top 6 Tips On Getting A Real Estate Agent

#1. Experience
Anyone can call themselves a Luxury Real Estate Agent, but typically the proof is in the transactions. Handling a multi-million dollar sale can have some very complicated components, both on the listing side and the selling side.

#2. Market Knowledge
A Luxury Broker should be able to speak about their market with utter fluency. If they cannot give you an educated and thoughtful answer, then you probably need to keep looking for a more knowledgeable agent.

#3. Negotiating Skills
Transactions typically have some complicated components and require refined negation skills. You are hiring an agent to get you the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Make sure they represent you!

#4. References
Any agent should have a list of references available to you should you feel the need to do some due diligence.

#5. Community Affiliations
Real Estate Agents are involved in their communities, as well as in national organizations. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you want whoever is representing you to get the phone call when there is a desirable property available.

#6. Globally Recognized Firm
Firms like Sotheby’s Internal Realty only hire well-experienced agents. When you align yourself with a high-end brand, you know you are only being served by the best of the best!

Management Tips For Real Estate Agents

Delegate The Work

If there are less meaningful tasks that take up valuable parts of your day, have your support staff complete them for you. That way you can fully dedicate your time to working with clients and finding them the perfect home.


Have A Routine

It is important that you follow a routine throughout the day. Getting to the office and taking care of pressing items immediately will help open up the rest of your day, so make it a habit to jump right into work straight away.




Set Expectations

When you first begin working with new clients, it is essential that they know what to expect from you right off the bat. If they are aware that you only have certain hours available throughout the week, they will stick to them.